We accept purchases from most countries or regions, but the following countries or regions are not available for purchase due to logistics restrictions or local policies: Russia, Belarus, Mainland China, Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Sudan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Iran, and North Korea.


We support offline EUR and USD transfers or online payments using digital currencies. As of October 2023, we accept credit and debit card payments for certain countries. For European customers, the custom duty fee is already included in the price. VAT will be charged selectively upon reception of the package based on the destination country. Customers with a valid VAT ID or customers outside the European Union will not be subjected to additional VAT charges by us.


Regarding products available for pre-sale on April 15th, confirmed orders during the pre-sale period need to be shipped within 8 weeks after the official opening of the sale. Confirmed orders placed after the official opening of the sale will be shipped 8 weeks after the order is placed.


We utilize third-party carriers such as DHL, UPS, etc., to handle packages.


Typically, we opt for customs land transport for delivery services, with the required time varying depending on the destination. Should customers require a faster delivery timeframe, air freight can be arranged upon request. After placing your order, feel free to contact your chosen shipping company for any assistance needed. We will provide you with the necessary information upon request.


The warranty period is 6 months for the Miner and 12 months for the PSU. For European customers, there is a warranty of 24 months for end customers. All European customers are subject to paying VAT according to their country, which will be charged individually upon reception of their package.


All pre-sale orders are non-refundable. Please ensure that you are committed to your order and fully understand what you are purchasing before completing your transaction.