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X4 3U-Z Server 840 MH/s

X4 3U-Z Server 840 MH/s

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JASMINER X4 High throughput 3U-Z quiet server

Product Overview

The JASMINER X4 3U-Z features JASMINER's proprietary high-throughput intelligent engine, powered by a leading "storage and computing" chip specifically tailored for complex blockchain networks. With a remarkably low power consumption of just 30w±10%, it achieves an ultra-high hash rate of 840MH/s±10%, offering unparalleled performance for applications ranging from home use to IDC server rooms and professional settings. With its emphasis on high potency, low consumption, ease of deployment, silence, and environmental friendliness, it delivers an unmatched user experience.


Highlight I.

Extreme Efficiency for a Promising Future: The JASMINER X4 3U-Z boasts upgraded core computing performance, reaching 840MH/s±10%, with a power consumption ratio of 0.40 J/MH. This advancement supports the pursuit of ultimate performance, energy efficiency, and an extraordinary hash rate experience.

Highlight II.

Ultimate Silence and Maximum Comfort: Engineered with a structure optimized for extreme cooling performance, the X4 3U-Z features a flagship silent cooling system with reduced noise levels. Operating at 0-40°C, it ensures a comfortable environment, suitable even for bedroom use.

Highlight III.

Great Looks and Power: Sporting a thermal-friendly grille-type artistic design, the X4 3U-Z combines personality with technological sophistication. Equipped with hanging lugs on both sides, it offers versatility for deployment in IDC server rooms, homes, or other environments, delivering stable and reliable power performance.


Crypto Algorithm



840 MH/s ±10%



Power consumption

340 W ±10%

Power efficiency

0.40 J/MH ±10%

Chip Number


Cooling way


Fan Number


Networking Connection Mode

RJ45 Ethernet 10/100/1000M

Operating Temperature


Working Voltage

200 ~ 240 V


3U Server


≤ 40 dB

Net Weight

12 Kg

Net Dimenosions

430*350*132 mm

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All pre-sale orders are final and non-refundable. Please ensure you are fully committed to your purchase and understand the product details before completing your order.

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The stock model refers to miners currently held in our warehouse and ready to be shipped. These miners will be dispatched within 24 hours after payment clearance. Clients also have the option to pick up the miner in person.

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Hosting FAQ

When will be my miner installed? Do I pay some extra for electricity?

Your ASIC will be installed in few hours. You will pay for the electricity additionally

How much does the hosting itself cost?

The hosting if for FREE. All the fees are included in the electricity price.

Do you provide some insurance for ASIC miner service life?

Yes, we provide 3 YEARS insurance.

Can be mine Hosting ASIC Miner deliverd to my home?

Yes, we can send your miner to you with 3 month notice period

Shared ASIC Miners

How does the Shared ASIC Miner works?

If you will buy for example 1/10 of an ASIC, you will own 1/10 of it's hashrate, 1/10 of it's revenue a you'll pay 1/10 of Energy & Fees for that ASIC. 
The rest 9/10 will be own by someone else.

Can I reach one whole ASIC in some time?

Yes, you can. For example if you buy 1/10 of an ASIC, than 1/10 and than 8/10, you will own 10/10 of an ASIC, that means you own one whole ASIC and you even have an option to take that ASIC from hosting and have it deliverd to you. 

If i purchase 1/10 of an ASIC Miner, can I sell it to someone if I want to?

Yes, you can. We are also preparing a function on our site specially for this.

Wallet FAQ

How to change my wallet address? 

You can set your wallet address only when you are creating your account. If you want to change your wallet address after it was already set, you have to contact our support and they will change it for you after a few simple steps. This procedure is simply because of a safety reasons, so nobody else can change your address except you. 

When should I pay my Energy & Fees?

Energy works like subscription. For example you will prepay energy for a month. Every miner has individually their own daily usage of energy and cost fort that will be subtracted everyday from  your prepaid energy balance. You just have to check that your energy balance is not $0, if you will not have any Energy & Fees balance left, your miner will be automatically turned off.

Is 0,13 EUR the final price for the electricity and fees?

Yes, the price is final. All the fees are included in the electricity price.